So, I had this idea...I had an old Jeep Wagoneer, a write off, and I had an extra pile of metal that came with Alice. The extra metal included a full cab. Well, folks...this is what I came up with.
That's my buddy Brent Pawelko in the driver's seat. Brent helped put this beast together and added a bunch of parts from his own collection.

The cab is 1930's Ford Model AA, the chassis, and engine is AMC/Jeep and that shiny. chromy grill/rad is off a '29 Buick.

This is our Mud Boggin' Buggy. We entered her in the Kitchener Mud Bogs on May 17th and did quite well. We called her Alice, too, and on her second run, she managed 139' 7" in the 200 foot mud bog.  We were in it just for the fun, and to show off our creation. She was one of a kind at the bogs.

We already have ideas for next time...look out folks, this is addictive!!
There was tons of work in to this buggy!

Click here to see the work in progress.
This is the Mud Bogger Buggy in the Creston Parade, before the Mud Bogs. That's Nolan Evans in the cab, Brent (with the hat) and me, on the back.
Latest pics of Alice at the September 2003  Mud Bogs at the Kitchener Event Zone.